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Assistant Manager Landfill Operations, PAKISTAN

Assistant Manager Landfill

Job Description

Education: Minimum 16 years of education in environmental Sciences/Environmental Engineering or any other relevant field.

Experience:1-2 years of work experience at some waste management facility.


  • Handling of waste disposal at the disposal site under assistance of Manager Landfill.
  • Managing the subordinate staff deputed at the disposal site.
  • Management of the control room at the Landfill site.
  • Assist Manager Landfill in maintenance of the equipment installed at the Landfill site.
  • Routine reporting to Manager Landfillabout the amount of waste coming to the site.
  • Studying and proposing the modern methods of disposal.
  • Any other task to be assigned by the Manager Landfill.
  • Reporting about the vehicles taking waste to the disposal site showing the number of trips of these vehicles and any other observation.

Skills Required:

  • Able to work under pressure and for extended hours as per requirement.
  • Managerial, problem solving and Negotiation skills
  • Analytical skills and Multi-tasking
  • MS office and good English writing skills

Degree Level
  • Masters/Bachelors (Hons)
  • 16 Years of Education
Degree Area
  • Environmental Engineering/Sciences
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Environmental Engineering