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Assistant Manager Procurement Procurement & Contracts, PAKISTAN

Assistant Manager Procurement

Job Description


Qualification: Minimum 16 (sixteen) years of education in the field of Engineering / Business Administration or Master in Contract / Supply Chain Management from HEC recognized University.

Experience and Expertise:  Minimum 3 (three) years of experience in a similar role and having expertise in coordinating procurement activities, contract administration including solicitation preparation and contract negotiations. Ideal candidate should have understanding of the PPRA rules, PEC-by laws and contractual practices, FIDIC contractual practices and Contract Act 1872.The candidate must have ability to draft, negotiate and manage procurement processes.

Upper Age Limit: Maximum 35 years

Job Description

  1. Assist, Manager and Sr. Manger to develop and maintain policies and procedures for the procurement activities performed according to the concerned department’s requirements.
  2. Analyze and evaluate the requisitions and identity the procurement process under PPRA Rules, 2014
  3. Administer overall process of quotation based procurement activities.
  4. Receive purchase requisitions demand from the concerned departments with proper specifications and requirements.
  5. Assist Manager Procurement to verify vendor’s /supplier’s capabilities ; identify the pool of candidates for the planned procurement activities
  6. Receive quotation/proposals and prepare comparative statements for further processing.
  7. Prepare and issue purchase order/ work order/contract to the concerned suppler/vendor/contractor after approval of the competent authority.
  8. Follow up procurement activities are performed according to the plan.
  9. Ensure that procured goods, works and services as per approved quotation/purchase order.
  10. Ensure that goods and materials are received as per specifications, requirements and approved samples.
  11. Ensure to provide delivery of the purchase materials/items to the store section, executing the control of dispatch list/invoices as well as the follow ups.
  12. Responsible to ensure that all the relevant documents like (Payment Note, Requisitions, award letters, GDN, invoices, verified quotations, comparative statements etc) are attached with voucher while contractor payment processes towards finance and accounts department.
  13. Follow up with finance and accounts department to ensure accurate and timely payment of invoices, as necessary for the suppliers/vendors.
  14. Prepare departmental reports where necessary/ demanded.
  15. Perform any other duty assigned by the departmental heads.

Degree Level
  • Masters/Bachelors (Hons)
  • 16 Years of Education
Degree Area
  • Business Administration
  • Engineering
  • Supply Chain Management