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Procurement & Finance Expert Planning & Development Board, PAKISTAN

Procurement & Finance Expert

Job Description

The incumbent should possess at least three (03) years post qualification proven experience of similar work in case of ACCA/CFA/ACMA and 05 years overall experience in case of other related qualification. Should have experience in preparation of the procurement plan as per requirement of Multilateral Development Banks. Possess proven skills in tendering, estimation, contract negotiation, claims handling. Should have good knowledge on preparing and implementation of contract agreements in accordance with procurement Guidelines of Multilateral Development Banks. Knowledge of Accounting Standards of Budget & Accounts. Also have experience of handling Departmental Accounts procedure & AG office procedures. Have knowledge of accounts related software e.g. Peach Tree Accounting Software. Government officers/officials can apply through proper channel. Salary and incentive allowances for the post will be admissible equivalent to BS-17 as per  Government’s policies prevailing at time.  The job description for this post is:

  • Overall in charge of Procurement and Contract Administration Unit and responsible for procurement of goods and services as per rules of Donors and Government for successful completion of project(s) within time schedule and approved budged.
  • Administer the procurement services and goods, contractual matters regarding mega projects according to FIDIC conditions of contracts and the donor’s guideline, ICB & NCB contracts.
  • Develop financial framework and provide technical backstopping to implantation agencies regarding green financing strategy and capitalization of Environment Endowment Fund (EEF).
  • Ensure compliance of various clauses of the contracts with suppliers or those matters pointed out by engineering and finance units.
  • Keep record and point out matters of dispute for taking up in DRB, arbitration, monthly review meetings, with the consultants/ contractors.
  • Ensures that before making payment of any bill of the contractor / consultants / suppliers the contractual obligations on the part of the concerned party have been fully complied.
  • Capable of handling financial matters of mega project constructed under World Bank / FIDIC conditions
  • Maintain books of accounts as per Government’s financial and Project for Improvement of Financial Reporting and Auditing (PIFRA) Rules.
  • Should be aware of International Accounting Standards of Budget & Accounts.

Degree Level
  • Masters/Bachelors (Hons)
  • 16 Years of Education
Degree Area
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Project Management
  • Public Administration