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Research Analyst (Environmental Informatics) Planning & Development Board, PAKISTAN

Research Analyst (Environmental Informatics)

Job Description

The experience in public sector would be an advantage with experience of foreign aided project. Sufficient knowledge of Multi-lateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs). The incumbent should have research experience, preferably with published paper. Experience and good knowledge of the usage of any environment or climate risk screening tool e.g. PACT etc. Government officers/officials can apply through proper channel. Salary and incentive allowances for the post will be admissible equivalent to BS-17 as per  Government’s policies prevailing at time. The job description for this post is:

  • Preparing a framework of data set by gathering and collating environmental and climate change data from all possible resources
  • Submit periodic analysis reports on major environmental issues in Punjab/Pakistan to the Specialists for further analysis and recommendation
  • Provide technical support to different IT based tools like Climate Risk Screening Tools, Decision support system, Disaster impact application or other related technologies in the province
  • Provide data/ information for online PMIS and open data portal to EPD and relevant departments.
  • Maintain an inventory of data generated by PGDP and conduct analysis by using IT based tools
  • Maintain liaison with provincial and National organizations engaged in environment related data collection and publication like Pakistan/Punjab Bureau of statistics, Ministry of Climate Change, EPD/EPA and other projects & programs
  • Regularly review the status of Pakistan/Punjab in global environmental ranking and submit periodic  analysis for the Specialists.
  • Maintain close liaison with all sectors chief of section for information and data sharing
  • Prepare work plans and progress reports related to PGDP and other environment related activities
  • Continuously gather updates on the latest tools, application systems and information technologies related to environment and climate change and provide feedback for improving existing tools
  • Any other relevant task assigned by the competent authority

Degree Level
  • Masters/Bachelors (Hons)
  • 16 Years of Education
Degree Area
  • Computer Engineering/Sciences
  • Information Engineering/Sciences